I’ve starring at this blank page for a while. Did I say a while? I mean weeks! So id figure it might as well be simple and short.

Is hard to sum up the VFS year.It was indeed a extremely fun and hard working year. I had a ridiculous awesome time, met a bunch of awesome people along the way, learned lots and ate the biggest amount of sushi of my life and its over… T__T

If you want to be in games VFS is definitely worth a look. Email me any time and I’ll try my best to answer any questions you might have. Fortunately I believe you’ll have a new, proper writer describing her amazing year at VFS Game Design….. so enjoy!

What happens now?

I’m currently employed at DeNA Studios Canada for my first steps in the game industry.

Good look in your future, present and past endevours game designers.



It’s been officially too long since my last post, and is not like this one will be of much use…. (TWO WEEKS TILL FINAL PROJECT HAND IN – we r going insane here :P)

While waiting for a lightmap test to build…….. I’ll tell you about our Moko Invasion. Rather I’ll just show you, pictures are faster.

Moko as you may or may not know is the little dude that helps you along your journey in our game PULSE. That much said, once upon a time… we made a large printed version and put in one of our instructors doors…. soon enough we were getting requests…… and they have been spreading around the school ever since.THE END.

We didn’t reach our happily ever after ending (yet) … we still have pending requests and some mokos occasionally suffer abductions….anyway back to work…sorry

Le first MOKO

Moko Wars😀

No Mokos allowed

And for the fans….


Its been a while…. I apologize.

So much is happening since production started. Focusing your attention on “your” game is scary and exciting, so much can go wrong and right at the same time. The gameplay has been revealed ahead of its initial plan, but its ok, we’ll work with what we got.

So if you haven’t read it anywhere else yet, our game is called PULSE and features a first-person survival adventure in which the protagonist is blind. Pulse challenges us to bring an different outlook on how games can be visualized. While audio in games has always been an integral part in solidifying the immersion, Pulse takes it a step further by actually basing all sight on sound. We got some surprises up our sleeves so don’t think that’s the end of it.

Pulse is being developed with the Unity Engine and its demo will be released for PC and MAC platforms.

We got our website online

We got our blog talking about the project

We got a facebook page (LIKE us XP)

We got a CBC TV News Interview…………………..wait ……what?  Yep…..yep…. indeed we did. You can check it outon VFS blog that also posted it🙂 so …..oh yeah we got featured in the VFS blog….

And we’ll have special little gameplay teaser coming out at the end of APRIL…. make sure to find the secret button when you’re there😛

Expectations anyone? 

Michael, Maxwell, Lala, Richard and Leanne = team Pixel Pi


Term 5…. besides the considerable low number of classes, two in fact, and the work on your game time… Term 5 means you move to the 2nd floor of VFS, say bye-bye to your regular classroom and welcome to the production room.

The production room is like this open flat, divide by “cubicles”, two classes share this common space and the class is segregated into their final groups.

Pictures explain it better:

Production area:

Pixel Pi’s cubicle😄 (my team)  8:30 AM

11:00 AM


Term 4 has ended. And our team ended it like a boss: steak dinner and champagne to celebrate an awesome team and a successful pre-production. Right now we are on break waiting for Monday to arrive… term 5…… production time…..4 days to recharge doesn’t seen like enough time to prepare us for what is about to come.

I visualize term 4 as a time managemnt term. Is about understanding your priorities and dedicating time for those things that stand out. With the final project and the other classes, it can get pretty tough delivering all assignments in good quality. As much as I like mission design I probably didn’t put enough effort into it due to the final project (the priority in my list….). I feel awkward when I have do that… but you got to do what you got to do…

In the bright side, we have our MENTOR, our fairy god mother is (drum roll, please)

Dan Sochan, he works as a producer at United Front Games and has a lot of industry experience😄.

We also have our sound collaborators, hurrraaaaaaaaaay! Please welcome Jamie and Alessio to team Pixel Pi!


That is it for now…. started watching the first season of Doctor Who…..



For each new born project, there comes a time to gather its own personal fairy godmother, mentor, as some call it here at VFS. Today the five of us stood up (dramatic drum) and we pitched to those awesome fairies……..😛

Mentors are by definition: noun 1.a wise and trusted counsellor. 2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter. Mentors come from outside the school grounds, they are already in the industry and decided to take some of their time to pass on knowledge to some eager youngsters.

So, at the end of pre-production we pitch. We pitch our project, “our babies”, so they can discuss amongst themselves who wants to work with what project and so on…….

Most exciting moment of this term! Very proud of my team! Awesome job Pixel Pi! And know we wait……………………. eagerly wait, to meet our projects fairy godmother! Hope we know the results next week, as well as for our sound collaborator.

(by the way, we are looking for a sound collaborator, haha we are at the moment trying to partner with someone from the sound campus at VFS)

A little taste of the presentation:

by the way those little, cute, silly, stupid guys……… are Mokos. Pay attention cause you’ll be seeing a whole lot of them soon.

Lala, simply  thankful for the lovely evening.
Time for bed now.